Modification For Success Of Staff Management

Как заставить работать сотрудниковThe organization achieves its objectives through a variety of resources, such as capital, raw materials, investment, high-quality equipment and, of course, human capital. The latter includes not only firm staff but also their ideas, projects and plans. Successful staff It will focus not so much on its organizational goals, but on the collective will begin to compare the organization ' s needs with its own.

The proper management of the collective and the establishment of an effective motivational system will make the organization ' s human capital one of the most demanded resources in the market.

Development and decision-making

Investment in labour development is becoming increasingly popular. Some large firms go even further by recruiting newcomers, they prefer to learn them directly at their place of work and, in the future, by moving the individual through the career ladder, gradually improve his qualifications.

Regrettably, domestic firms are of the view that, when investing enough in human development, a worker may be lost, who will lose the organization by biting higher wages.

But with sufficient motivation and special conditions in the contract, the leaking of personnel can be minimized. Staff participation in decision-making at both local and global levels also has a very philanthropic impact on the collective ' s interest in the work. Field administration also helps the manager to better understand the situation on each individual organizational site.

The selection of the right leader in the unit is a critical process. The leader should be charismatic and communication, but it was interested in continuing career development in the enterprise. Supporting the collective of healthy competition, without redundancy, would give sporting interest in the work of the staff, increase their self-reliance.

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