Staff Motivation System In Russian Management

Мотивация персонала в РоссииIf we agree with one of the axis of management that " the employer and the employer are equal partners with their objectives " , it is also logical to conclude that a person starts to work to meet his needs, that is, that he will do anything only if he has motive. Without understanding the worker ' s objectives, it is completely impractical to develop a system of motivation.

There are many user-friendly theories about how motivation is built and how staff should be motivated. In the meantime, most managers do not go into theoretical subtleness (i.e. simply not thinking very much), mistakenly believe that a person works exclusively for money. In this regard, it should be recalled that understanding and convergence of the objectives of the employer and the employee is the shortest way to improve the performance of the enterprise.

West managers often understand the problem staff motivation It is much broader than its Russian colleagues, as can be seen from the following list of possible options for the payment of an employee, and it is clear that their rich experience can be used to adapt it to Russian realities.

Widespread remuneration:

  • Awards, profit-sharing system, ownership of various types of securities of the company.
  • Place various records of the employee ' s achievements in his personal file.
  • Oral thanks.
  • Gift certificates (certificates allowing an employee to purchase goods at a certain amount of stores, to visit theatres, films, etc. free of charge, within the amount of the certificate).
  • Additional training by the employer for higher paid work.
  • " Best employee of the month " .
  • Direction to the seminar, conference outside the city of the company on a topic of interest to the employee.
  • Certifiers for dinner with family members or friends in the city's best restaurants.
  • Issuance of a special memorandum, distributed throughout the company, expressing appreciation to the employee on behalf of the management.
  • Great powers.
  • Flexible time schedule.

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