Labour Motivation

Шведская система мотивации трудаIn Russia, as in other CIS countries, the main motivating factor for the performance of the work of the staff remains, despite all efforts to build up to developed countries, it is money. A decent and timely payment for the work done has forced people to enter into almost all the hardest jobs. Russian labour consultants and analysts may consider such an approach to be correct, but there is a clear disagreement in Sweden with this development. The Scandinavian labour market operates its own inducement system workers, not material, but moral principles.

Primary isn't important.

Sweden is a real paradise for workers from a variety of structures. It is not only that the country is one of the leading positions in the level of wages, but rather the structure of the organizations. In the CIS countries, it is known and easy to see, even without being an expert, the tone within the organization is a matter of concern to the superiors, who often do not understand exactly what they need to do. The simplest example is when the head of a business or department at the factory gives commands and orders from his office without having to see how the business is proceeding directly to the production part of the enterprise. As it has been done, nothing remains to do how to clearly follow the directions of the superiors by making it useless or harmful. In world practice, such work is called “structure, system and strategy”. Well, it's not always so sad... Swedish labour experts consider this principle to be unacceptable. They value and take into account, first and foremost, the opinions of the lowest ranks. It is not simply listening to and often followed by their proposals, but at all leaves workers with the right to choose their own technology to perform tasks. The objectives of the organization ' s staff are those called top managers. They simply explain to the employees what and what quantity they want to see after the work, and how better the worker thinks. Such an enterprise structure is called “people, purpose and process”. Labour motivation is very good in this case. The point is that, apart from decent wages, an employee is then given the opportunity to improvise, which means to feel value and usefulness.

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