Career Mobility Of Staff

Career is the result of a person ' s informed attitude and behaviour in employment, linked to official or professional growth.

  • Official growth is a change in the official status of human beings, their social role, the degree and space of official authority.
  • Professional growth is the development of professional knowledge, skills and skills, the recognition by the professional community of the results of its work, and the credibility of a particular type of professional activity.

The business career is the progressive promotion of the individual, linked to the growth of skills, status, social role and remuneration.

  • The career is vertical, a career with which the very notion of a business career is common. A vertical career is defined as a rise to a higher stage of structural hierarchy (an increase in posts with higher pay).
  • The career is horizontal, a career type that involves either a shift in a functional area or a certain performance at a stage that is not well formalized in the organizational structure; the horizontal career can also be characterized by an expansion or complexity of the tasks at the previous stage (usually with adequate remuneration).

Business career management and career development

The career, the trajectory of his movement, is a man who builds itself in accordance with the characteristics of the inside and the inorganizational reality and, above all, with his own goals, desires and attitudes.

A business career is beginning with the formation of subjectively informed workers ' own judgements about their future of work, an expected path of self-reliance and satisfaction.

In the career process, it is important to ensure that all careers are interacted.

Career types and types

Internal careers include all stages of career development (education, employment, professional growth, support and development of individual skills, retirement) in one organization. This career can be specialized and unspecialized.

An inter-organizational career suggests that the worker goes through all careers in different organizations. It can be specialized and unspecialized.

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