Presentation Of Staff

Business coach, business consultant

Management Psychology, training programmes, sales and staff management training;
- Adaptation of staff, participation in the development of a motivational system;
- Identification and selection of staff, coordination of corporate learning projects, development and implementation of targeted and planning training for line staff and staff management training for managers, development of a system staff motivation and evaluation;
- Participation in the development of a company strategy, the search for and development of new forward-looking areas; the setting of business processes; the development of standards for a sales division, a service unit; the organization of staff development, effective business communications, interaction with clients, partners, colleagues and subordinates.

Business coach, business consultant
- Sale
- Negotiations
♪ Service
♪ Conflict management
- Speculation.
- Command
♪ Project promotion
- Psychological counselling
♪ Development of brass and business games, taking into account the nature of the contracting company.

Business coach, business consultant
♪ Training in staff management and development
♪ Development of training programmes tailored to the characteristics of the contracting authority.
Consulting services
♪ Staff development in sales and production to 1,000. Selection, training, motivation and control of staff. Calculation, streamlining and implementation of staff development budgets.

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