Performance Of The Staff Adaptation System

Image Company as an employer:

  • Company characteristics as attractive employer
  • Enlisted employer factors for prospector

Workshop: Steps to create a image of an attractive employer

Competence modelling:

  • Development of candidate profile.
  • Develop a competency model.


  • Case: " Framing the company model of competences "

Methods of evaluation of candidates:

  • Review of evaluation methods (substances and shortcomings).
  • Professional testing (test preparation).
  • Psychological testing.
  • Homework.
  • Group evaluation methods. Assessment center. Examples of evaluation games.
  • Audit of recommendation as a method of evaluation of candidates

Types and equipment of interviews:

  • Interviews (characteristics, opportunities, limitations)
  • Types and structure of interviews, features of the interview.
  • Interview structure
  • Case: " Competence interviews "
  • Interviews (analysis, improvement areas).
  • Possible mistakes.

Operation: Interviewing, library of questions

Additional evaluation tools for selection.

Staff selection efficiency. Selection performance indicators:

  • Financial financial
  • Quality indicators
  • Intensity indicators
  • Client satisfaction rates

Staff adaptation:

  • New staff adaptation phases
  • Adaptation system management
  • Adaptation tools
  • Leadership, HR, mentor
  • Stimulation of mentors
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of the adaptation system

Form of work:

Panel discussions, exercises in small groups, role-plays, information blocks, video screening and discussion.

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Краснова Krasnov Natalia Vladimir

Expert in the field of efficiency management, organizational development and human capital development. In organizational development and staff management, 20 years. Management experience in large production, holding, financial, consulting companies is 10 years old.

He teaches IWA programmes in Business, the IRBIS school, the RANHIGS under the President of the Russian Federation, the NIS.

Director of Human Resources Management of the Centre for Complementary Vocational Education (DES) of the Lomonosov MSP.

Expert, Transfer HR Practice International Corporations, Cafédre Menejment of Human Resources, Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences, University of Fribourg, Switzerland

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