Consistency Of Staff Adaptation Phases

- Human resources activities to assess the compatibility of the individual ' s level of work, quality and capacity with the performance requirements.

The main purpose (task) of the evaluation is to identify the potential of the worker(s) and, if necessary, to provide additional training, and to reward and motivate the most competent and experienced.

Staff certification provides a legal basis for transfers, promotions, awards, wage determinations and demotions and dismissals. The audit aims to improve the quality of staff, to determine the level of downloading and use of staff, to improve the style and management of staff. She is.
The aim is to find the reserves of growth, increase the productivity and interest of the worker in the results of his or her work and organization as a whole, make the best use of economic incentives and social guarantees, and create conditions for a more dynamic and comprehensive development of the individual.

There are four types of certification of employees:

1. Further evaluation is mandatory for all and is held at least once every two years for senior staff and at least once every three years for professionals and other employees.

2. The end of the probationary period test is carried out with a view to making well-founded recommendations on the use of the certified worker on the basis of its results. Labour adaptation In a new workplace.

3. The purpose of the performance evaluation for promotion is to identify the potential of the worker and the level of his or her training for a higher post, taking into account the requirements of the new job and new responsibilities.

4. The certification of relocation is necessary when there is a significant change in the duties and requirements of the new workplace.

The audit is conducted in all parts of the organization. The list of posts to be evaluated and the timing thereof shall be established by the head of the organization.

Methods of evaluation

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