teachbase-motivationModification compels a person to seek some results.

From all sides, we hear that motivation is halfway to success, that's all.

But do we know what this is and what role this concept plays in the lives of everyone? How to effectively raise staff motivation?

Let's get this straight!

Material and intangible motivation.

The motivation of staff, as we consider below, is divided into two types: material and intangible staff motivation. No one will argue that a team of high-level professionals is the key to the enterprise ' s prosperity. But even the smartest and hard-working workers, over time, may have lost interest in activities, which means that a person will act mechanically, which is called without a soul.teachbase-carrot-on-a-stick Therefore, the task of creating such working conditions for staff so that they do not think of changing their place of work or losing their hands is for each manager. The motivation of staff is an ongoing process.

Let us consider how staff motivation is most common.

Material motivation

The simplest, but costly, is material motivation. Indeed, most people believe that work is necessary to make money for life. Therefore, many often choose jobs, in the first instance assessing how much will be paid.

Therefore, the simplest way of motivating staff is to raise salaries that can occur at different intervals on different grounds. For example, some firms have a year-of-service supplement, while others have a life-saving index. The motivation of the staff, as exemplified above, has a significant minus, which can be described as an accustomed to income.

The most common method of material motivation is award. A certain amount is added to the salary for the implementation of the plan or other initiatives by the staff member. Such an approach more motivated staff than just salaries. But if the bonus becomes an attribute of monthly or quarterly income, it also makes them weakly motivated to increase labour efficiency.

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