After everything that's on the Internet (tonnes) written about "positive and negative reinforcements" it turns out that I didn't understand. It was worth talking to a neurologist at the biofidbek center. :- I thought if I did something, and then I got a candy, that's it. Positive backup. He told me he didn't. And if I've been bad, and then I've been put in the corner, it's not that either. Turns out when something comes after, it's punishment or reward. They can also have a good influence on motivation and behaviour. But it's hard to raise yourself with them. First of all, because it works better if it comes from outside. (We praised others more than ourselves, and when the other screams, it hurts.) And secondly, it's probably harder to influence. (Because the most important signals come from outside, and it's not enough that we're coming from there for our actions.)

And backup, it's supposed to be what happens in biofidbec class. You're not doing that, you're hitting me right now. (Not serious, not harmful, but not pleasant.) You're starting to do better, you're about to get the result of a weakening current. That's what they had before. They now have more sophisticated mechanisms (study moves forward, engineers invent more advanced torture instruments). Now they've got a jog to run the process. When you're trying in the right direction, it's so nice and soft, like rabbit fur. And when you stop trying, it's getting cheeks like a needle, and it's getting ugly. (GROANS) It's backup in action.

Yeah, by the way, I remembered all of this right now because I saw Gelena's comment where she wrote that she needed to come up with the appropriate backup. That's where I remembered it's not a simple task. Especially since sometimes it takes to figure out how this works at all.

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