Фейсбук-диетаAs it turns out, sometimes Internet images can do things that haven't been able to make a mirror for years. Active social media users of gigabytes load selphies showing their appearance on the advantage. From the point of view, the edited autographs deform human perceptions of themselves; however, this air castle may collapse at one point, it is enough for one of the friends or relatives to celebrate you in amateur photo of real life.

Sozseti seized a wave of Facebook diets, and it turns out that an ordinary photo showing what you really look like without a carefully rehearsed pose and improving filter images can become a powerful motive for the deterioration.

According to the specialists, photos in the social media are more eloquent and brighter than any word: if a close person out there is a hint that someone might be able to drop a couple-and-three kilos, it could be a cause of grief, but it won't save the extra sandwich. Another case is an ordinary picture of family dormitories or weekends with friends, where there is an obscure chin or whipping through the belts of the skills.

Jodi Shaw from New York is a clear example of the Facebook Diet mechanism. " When I see the Facebook photo of my sister, where I am smiling with joy, holding my nephew, and my huge bullet hands don't show any smallest hints on the musculature, I've fled to the gym right now, saying a 34-year-old resident of the West Village region. Now Jody's got something to brag about: she's seriously taking care of the figure, watching the meals, and she finally got her trainer husband's orders to do a regular gym. America's already lost five kilograms and continues to improve its physical form, not by statute thanking that photograph. Truth is, she never showed up.

The consultant on healthy lifestyles, Kevin Odley, commenting on the Facebook diets phenomenon, notes that there is no doubt that different people are responding differently to the unpleasant truth of life: " For someone to see themselves without paint means thinking about how my friends just tolerate me? " and immediately begin to make positive changes. And someone will just regret themselves again and buy another ice cream in comfort. "

Food and nutrition experts are pleased that more people are making the right conclusions and moving on the first path, including through the fact that users of social networks are happy to participate in all kinds of estafets and flashpoints, inspired by a positive example. In the case of Facebook diets, the award is much more visible and tangible than ephemerary lyrics from Internet friends.

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