Adaptation Of Staff In The Organization

The term " adaptation " (from lat. adapto - adaptive) first appeared in physiology and was originally used in biological sciences. It was introduced in scientific turn by the German physiologist G. Aubert in the second half of XVIII B. and referred to " changes in the (applicable) sensitivity of leather analysers to external annoyers " .

The origins of the theoretical provisions on one of the stages of adaptation of workers - for guidance - are noted in the literature earlier. The famous utopist T. Campanella (final XVI in. - early XVII in.) recommended that in his scientific work, the start-up workers " should be driven to shops, bakeries, blacks, cafeterias, painters " to identify their inclinations. F.O. Taylor (final XIX in. - beginning XX in.) became the author of the staff orientation theory. He suggested the mandatory presence of a mentor under the " newcomer " , since " even the most suitable worker is not prepared for a full understanding of this science without direction and assistance, as a result of failures in its development or due to lack of mental training " .

Adaptation in the organization is a process of mutual accommodation between the worker and the organization, the active development of the individual ' s professional and social functions, which involves overcoming possible negative moments initiated by both the staff member and the employer.

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