Adaptation Of Staff Training

ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANKNelly Dudine, Head of GVC Training Centre

An important asset of Mirapolis is the ability of its staff to look beyond our current needs, foresee and propose solutions for the next stages of our learning system.

Stepan Gishian, CEO,

The Mirapolis products have succeeded in providing rapid and planned training to the entire branch network of the bank (more than 40 branches throughout the country).

Oleg Litwin, Deputy Director, Project Manager,

Over the past almost four years, MVR has shown itself to be a reliable and quality-friendly product, using which very sophisticated training sessions on the application of system-wide and applied software have been conducted.

Alexandre Konev, Head of the Target Mass Sector Unit,

МикроинформWe continually use the Virtual Room to train our partners, who are many, as well as for convenient meetings and meetings with staff and clients.

Roman Guceletov, Project Manager, Electric University,

SBA has been working with Mirapolis since 2011. The decision of Mirapolis made it possible to launch a distance-learning system for users of Sberbank-ACT services as soon as possible and to provide remote training to their own staff.

Natalia Solovieva, Head of the Training Centre,

The Zurich Insurance Group (Zurich) commends Mirapolis for its contribution to the management of Zurich personnel in Russia, namely the successful implementation of the 360 staff assessment system.

Roman Zhukov, Executive Director,

Mirapolis completed an online testing system project for the Rosatom Corporation Academy. The testing system proposed by Mirapolis was tested by the Global Professionals sector programme and showed its effectiveness and efficiency.

Aigul Kuttybaev, Director of Division Staff selection and internal communications,

Some 250 MKO KMF staff have been trained in short use, representing about 25 per cent of the company. Some 1,000,000,000 tenge of staff training have already been saved.

Сбербанк-АСТ Zurich Корпоративная Академия Росатома KazMicroFinance

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