Adaptation Of Staff Log

The introduction of a staff adaptation system in the organization enables the newcomer to realize the potential and strategic objectives of the company through increased productivity as soon as possible. The article discusses methods of adaptation and improvement of staff.

You'll find out from the article:

  • What? Methods of adaptation of staff Use Russian organizations and foreign companies;
  • What conditions should be ensured for the organization ' s staff adaptation system to work effectively;
  • In which directions could be improved for staff adaptation in the organization.

Staff adaptation system in the organization

The adaptation period of varying degrees of complexity shall be carried out by any staff member recruited, regardless of the level of expertise available. Generally, in most cases, the adaptation of the organization ' s staff is self-sustaining, and newcomers can only count on their own strengths and seldom periodical attention by direct managers. The result of this relationship is increased turnover among professionals who worked for less than one year.

It appears that the company simply diverts funds for the search and selection of suitable professionals to their training and training. Many employers have already understood this and have concluded that there is a need for a responsible and systematic approach to the adaptation processes of the organization ' s staff. In particular, this process is well-managed, which enables the enterprise ' s staff adaptation system to be continuously improved and adapted to current market challenges and conditions. Адаптация персонала организации

The management of the staff adaptation system in the organization is also facilitated by those methodologies that have so far been developed by foreign companies with considerable practical experience in organizing the process.

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