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In order to adapt new staff to the team quickly and painlessly, develop a reassignment plan and programme that can be designed for a different amount of time depends on the size of your room or clinic.

The activities of any beauty parlor or clinic involve coordinated command work. The new staff member's communication skills should be evaluated at the interview to know exactly who you and your colleagues will have to deal with. Interviews should be conducted in the presence of future staff managers, i.e., necessarily with the presence of the director of the salon, not just the manager, so in the future, the worker will always know who to ask questions or for advice.

For a man to open up and not feel swell, it's time to create a comfortable atmosphere: individual greetings of a candidate in the host area, the possibility of having coffee, waiting for his turn and another.

On the first working day, the director or manager of the salon is required to conduct a tour for the staff member: to meet colleagues, to show what is there, to tell them what the company ' s local and regulatory acts are, it will remove many questions.

A new staff member ' s plan (programme) to adapt to the clinic

An adaptation plan could be developed for a new staff member, a posting programme (approximately below), which could be designed for a different amount of time, depending on the size of your room or clinic. The document will help to structure the staff member ' s first weeks of work.







First day

Introduction to the principal doctor of the clinic

Hospital Administrator


Safety instruction

Security specialist

Kab. 38

Basic block (up to three months)

Clinical staff, rules and standards


Clinical cosmetics training

Additional block

Basic seminar for new staff


Step-by-step process to adapt new staff to the team

As part of the new staff member ' s plan for adaptation, another effective way of keeping the new recruits safely in office is a process that consists of three phases.

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