Analysis Of Staff Motivation System By Example

Eurasol - результаты работыEurasol, prior to the commencement of industrial asset restructuring, always conducts preliminary audits of enterprises to understand key issues and identify potential growth points. These are recent examples of such activities that we have undertaken:

Example 1.

Eurasol - результаты работыThe Eurasol shareholder of the regional conditers ' enterprise sought to withdraw the produce from the producer to the federal market. The audit of the production unit identified key issues in the product, sales and branding, production-system Quality, it is possible to integrate ISO and HASSP standards into the current conditerate enterprise. The possibility of placing the enterprise ' s products on federal trade networks has been identified. According to the photographs provided, the enterprise has to address a large number of problems related to the adaptation of production culture and products to federal network requirements. Usually, this work can be carried out by its own staff for 1 to 2 years, and Evresol has been implementing the necessary initiatives in 3 months.

Example 2.

Eurasol - результаты работыThe shareholder of the Federal Condite Company approached Eurasol to raise the value of its asset. During the enterprise ' s audit, an asset was evaluated, an enterprise ' s financial model was prepared, key problems in the product and assortium were identified, sales and branding, and a strategy was developed to consolidate the enterprise with other industry players to achieve synergies.

Example 3.

Eurasol has been approached by top managers of a large European choled mining site to analyse the reasons for the inefficiencies of one of the extractive industries in the Russian Federation. In order to provide an in-depth analysis of the hydrogeological conditions of deposit and to assess the professional knowledge of the management of the HR Eurasol plant, a specialist with more than 15 years of experience in the extraction and enrichment of specific fossil material was selected and invited to participate in the project.

Eurasol - результаты работы Eurasol - результаты работы Eurasol - результаты работы Eurasol - результаты работы

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