Psychological Aspects Of Staff Motivation Management

Психологические аспекты стимулирования персоналаUsually speaking about the incentive system. A staff member, in the hope that he will become more productive and more qualitative, is offered some encouragement for the required or higher required level of performance or, on the contrary, the penalty for failing to achieve this level (other words: "honour and fame" or "steel and disgrace" in the form of, for example, natural praise or reprimand, which implies moral stimulation; the bonuses are already valuable. The incentives also include certain conditions of work and social security for a staff member who is expected to read for happiness and benefit and to work in a manner that does not lose them.

From a sound point of view, it's obvious, and in practice, it's known that not just a stimulus is encouraging a staff member to work the way the company expects him to do it.Мотивогенные зоны, или области нематериального стимулирования работы персонала You want the moon? - Yes! On the other hand, very unexpected things and phenomena become powerful " productivity and quality-enhancing " for a staff member, or even for a team as a whole, for example: the arrival of a handsome young leader in a women ' s collective, a new secretary at the General, the elimination of the buffet, the introduction (or revocation) of a branded uniform and symbols and others. Why?

From a psychological point of view, the motive, not the incentive itself, encourages and directs human activity. The stimulus, the stimulus, the stimulus, there's something external to the man. The stimulus may become or may not be motive. He'll be the motive when he meets the inner, the need, the system of needs or the already established system of motives.

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