Which Is Part Of Staff Motivation

A structured system of motivation of the sales division should take into account the specificities of the company ' s trade activities and the stage at which the enterprise is located. Its effectiveness also depends on the transparency and objectivity of selected staff motivation indicators.

The article deals with the following issues:

  • What types of motivation are used in the creation of a job incentive system in the sales department;
  • How the construction of the motivation of the sales department staff depends on the development phase of the company;
  • What deficiencies in the motivational system of the sales division could significantly reduce its efficiency;
  • What indicators of the motivation of sales officers can be used to measure the performance of vendors.

Establishment of a system of motivation of sales officers

Establishment staff motivation system All types of sales division must be involved: material, intangible, individual and collective. The material individual motivation is a wage consisting of a fixed salary and a series of irregular payments dependent on the performance and quality of the seller ' s work. A premier or bonus staff motivation system would be more effective if it was differentiated and " tied " to the extent that the output differed from the average established. Material motivation (colletic) takes into account the achievements of the whole unit and implies additional payments when the planned income or sales were received. Система мотивации персонала отдела продаж

Intangible incentives that are of particular importance in crisis periods, when sales are reduced due to staff-dependent circumstances, should not be neglected. Intangible incentives include professional competitions and ratings, general celebrations and training events and meetings, and awards to units. Individual intangible motivation measures include: various types of rewards, feedback, flexible working arrangements.

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