Management Planning

Management functions - special management

The most common classification identifies the following groups of functions:

  1. General - planning, organization, motivation and control. These functions were highlighted by the French practice and scholar Fayol in 1916. Its work was the result of a process of study of factors that motivate and demotivate human behaviour.
    • On the basis of an analysis of the external environment and the interests of groups, a mission of the organization is formed,
    • set objectives based on the analysis of market requirements and the capacity of the organization itself,
    • There are alternative strategies based on the established objectives of the organization and the state of the external and internal environment,
    • Policies and procedures are being developed for the implementation of the policies and procedures for the staff of the organization,
    • Work in units based on operational plans,
    • The organization ' s plans are consistent with indicators and financial resources.

    The sequence of these functions shall ensure the management of any object.

    Planning is the most important function of government. It supports the proportionality of production, the smooth functioning of all units of the enterprise, the rational use of available material, labour and financial resources. This ensures the necessary organization of the production process - the dynamic balance of the enterprise ' s internal processes.

    The basic planning principles are: integration, accuracy, continuity, flexibility, cost-effectiveness. The integrity of forward-looking and ongoing planning is one of the main conditions for business continuity, business continuity and business continuity. The enterprise plan is a scientifically sound programme for its further development. The plan not only sets certain end objectives, but also sets the conditions for achieving them.

    Organization. The organization of production is a set of methods that ensure that the most appropriate use of labour items and means of work is carried out in order to meet the enterprise ' s planned tasks. Only with the relevant product organization makes it possible to effectively interact people in the process of co-employment, focus and clearly harmonize all parts of the system.

    The challenge of improving production requires a manager to find ways that are most effective.

    Modification of staff♪ The ability to influence people, by encouraging them to work, for the successful implementation of the set. ♪ ♪

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