External Experience In Managing Staff Motivation

Завод «Ровер» в г. ЛонгбриджEnergy conservation guidance is widely used, for example, in British industry. Great Britain ' s government authorities have also focused on promoting energy conservation, publication and dissemination of best practices in this area. During the 1990s, the twentieth century, as a result of such publications, was widely known about the success of the Rower energy conservation in Longbridge.

Rower in Longbridge

The enterprise produces light and middle class cars of the same mark, as well as engines and gearboxes for the Landorver off-roads. Through a well-built system of motivation and promotion of energy conservation, the enterprise managed to save $1.5 million. US$ 1 year for programme delivery costs less than US$ 10,000 USA. The annual cost of energy for the enterprise (natural gas, oil, electricity and water) is approximately $20 million. USA.

Leadership has traditionally focused on energy conservation and energy management. Already in the early 1990s, a mini-TEC with a gas turbine and an exhaust gas boiler was operational at the enterprise. Mini-TEC is managed from a control point integrated into the electronic energy management system, which is based on Hongevell equipment. Compressor controllers are connected to the system (compressor-free automatic), heating and air-conditioning controllers and commercial and office energy accounting instruments.

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