How To Build A Staff Motivation System

Как построить систему мотивации, которая реально работаетIf the motivation system doesn't work, it means it doesn't fit your company. How to design and implement a truly effective reward scheme? How do you take into account corporate goals and staff characteristics? How do you assess the result? Elena Balaquirew is talking about this, a staff management expert in retail business, with 11 years of management experience HR-departments of companies such as Mobile Continental, HomeCentre, Vest!

At a time of high competition for skilled personnel, which is unfortunately no longer available to date, the management of the company faces the need to take measures not only to attract but also to retain staff. The task of the HR unit is to invent the " tablet " from all diseases at once: to create an effective staff motivation system

As is well known, the most effective way to get the right result is to give a man a walk and teach him to fish, not to bring a fish caught on a beautiful meal. So I won't give ready prescriptions to reduce staff turnover, but I'll tell you how to build a system of motivation that will work to achieve the objectives of your company. 'Cause if the motivation system doesn't work, it means it's probably wrong.

Three aspects of an effective motivation system

The motivation system that will work really must be built to:

1. Facilitated the company ' s tasks and was in line with its interests. In other words, the company ' s planned performances - KPI: financial (sale, conversion, stamps, etc.), personnel (soft, company time, etc.) and other relevant organizations.

2. Suited staff members ' interests and met their needs. Voluntary staff are an effective business, and vice versa.

3. Consistent with the restrictions imposed by legislation from outside.

Put these conditions on the elements that need to be linked to each other in the construction of the motivational system.

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