Development Of A Staff Adaptation Programme

Система адаптации персонала нацелена на решение нескольких проблем:
  • Minimizing the temporary and financial costs of entry, acquiring the necessary qualifications, skills, techniques, skills;
  • Determining the most effective professional use of a particular employee, his or her place and status in the collective;
  • Developing a positive emotional background;
  • Employee acceptance of social, organizational, disciplinary, income and rewards, social protection;
  • Intensifying the involvement of the entire community in common corporate objectives.

Adaptation officers

The adaptation of the worker may be carried out by a staff member of the Personnel Division (Labour, Management Service, Staff Training Service, Sociological Laboratory, Training Centre (Retraining of Personnel), Direct Chief, Head of the Structure Unit (Danel, Desk, Unit, Services), Chief of the organization.

The newcomer is often the responsibility of a mentor, a high-skilled clerk, a long-term worker, a pedagogical capacity that enjoys respect in the community.

Adaptation programme development stages

  1. Collect information on vacancies, qualifications for candidates;
  2. Examination of the market, state, prospects for the development of the labour market, the work of educational institutions that prepare the necessary enterprises, employment proposals, labour exchanges, personnel agencies;
  3. analysis of current adaptation systems in the organization, its impact;
  4. Introduction of laws and regulations on the adaptation process (probation and adaptation of staff, internal mentoring instructions, interview instructions);
  5. Determining the duration of the programme (short-term, up to 1 year, up to 3 years);
  6. Selection of the category of staff (young specialists, skilled personnel, mid-level managers, top managers), programme structures, direct participants in the adaptation of a particular staff member;
  7. Acquaintance with the new staff member, collection of information;
  8. Development of criteria for assessing the success of the adaptive programme and the feasibility of correcting it.

Programme structure

The programme is intended to describe in detail the objectives and objectives of the adaptation period. Specify duration and responsibility, sequence of activities, forms and methods of impact, expected result, form of control.

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