Modification Of Staff As A Factor For Improving Labour Efficiency

Tsarev V. E., Upper D. A., Semenova N. K. Motivation of staff as the main factor in productivity growth // Young scholar. . 2016. . No10. . C. 929-932.

The focus of research is on staff motivation, as part of the incentives for business staff. The motivation of staff will be considered in terms of productivity gains.

Key words: organization, management, personnel, motivation.

In the modern context of the international market, the competitiveness of the country ' s economy is an essential factor in maintaining its stability. Many organizations need to plan their activities in accordance with the State ' s economic policies in order to enter the foreign market. Such conditions create a strategy for an enterprise in which many organizations can successfully operate in strict conditions of global competition and react quickly to changes in the external environment. In addition to these conditions, enterprises have an equally important task of maximizing the company ' s productivity and profits. These goals can be achieved by clearly selecting a management strategy, as well as a strategy for allocating labour resources and motivating staff.

Motivation as an individual approachS.S.

The main purpose of the enterprise ' s selection is to find staff that meet the requirements of the organization, have quality that contributes to the growth of the company ' s productivity, development and objectives. In the face of crisis and economic instability, in addition to attracting highly skilled personnel, managers are faced with the question of the retention and motivation of employees [4, c.162]

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