Workshops For Shop Staff

Книги - ТОРГОВАЯ НЕДВИЖИМОСТЬ и ПРОЕКТИРОВАНИЕ МАГАЗИНОВThe growing competition in the pink has led shop managers to think about introducing modern technologies and new approaches to trade. The changes in the store help to generate additional profits and to gain the loyalty of buyers. Some traders need changes simply to " keep on the float " . However, all activities can produce the expected impact only in a literate system staff incentives The store.

Книга «Проектирование магазинов и торговых центров» Киры Канаян, Рубена Канаян, Армена КанаянThe loyalty of buyers to the shop is largely related to the comfort of the conditions for choosing and procuring. Therefore, the role of traders who provide these conditions is constantly increasing. Peter F. Drucker wrote: " Consumer management is his personal situation " . The same is true of sellers ' rationality if the staff of the store are not interested in their performance.Торговая недвижимость One of the obvious symptoms of low motivation is the unsatisfactory organization of jobs when, first of all, the convenience of the seller rather than buyers is taken into account. An unsystem-based display is not the worst yet, even the placement of a merchandise on the shelf at the eye level. In placing groups of goods and individual goods in the room, the priority is the equilibrium of the burden on sellers rather than the principles of joint acquisition, impulse purchases, etc. Another symptom is a reduction in service levels. Quite often, the behaviour of trade-off personnel demonstrates their reluctance to work at all, and the " friendly " sellers remind Soviet times.

The rapid development of the pinks, the emergence of Western trading companies in the Russian market, has undoubtedly had an impact on the labour market. The turnover rate is very high compared to other areas, there are often disastrous vendors, and it can be said that the level of qualifications of vendors has declined on average. Those managers who did not consider it appropriate to change the financial incentive system had to accept less experienced staff. That's how it goes. ♪ ♪

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