Japanese Staff Motivation Model

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Each head of a successful organization at least once wondered why some enterprises were achieving objectives and others did not. Much of the success of the business depends on the ability of the staff to meet their goals. This, in turn, depends on the organization ' s forms of interaction and management models. There are different models around the world. Personnel management enterprises. We use three, they received names in honor of the countries where they were cultivated. But it must be remembered that, in today ' s world, the division of nationally based management models is quite conditional because companies from different countries are learning from each other ' s best practices.

Anglo-American Personnel Management Model: continuous learning

The Chief is a mentor for staff, and he is openly divided with all the subtle lines of work: helps to acquire the skills needed, heal his activities and prioritizes. In general, training takes place in the process of work. In addition, informal relations are encouraged in the collective, even friendship. The supervisor can not only eat together but meet outside the office. American films often show how the boss invites his subordinates to the barbecue or they attend sports competitions together.

Such a form of interaction allows for trust, and employees are committed to meeting their expectations. Another advantage of this management model is that the learning process is ongoing at all levels: managers transfer practical knowledge to middle-level managers, those to their subordinates, and further to the ranks of the ordinary staff.

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