Intangible Staff Motivation Methods

Alena_Daragan.jpgModification of staff The twenty-first century - what is it?

Pay, smear, public praise or gift, how best to encourage staff to work in a focused and effective way? Experts with which Executive..we discussed this issue, and we agreed in our opinion that the company would not go far on the cash bonuses alone, it was inefficient and expensive. In doing so, only monetary payments, as well as “classical” incentives in the form of a social package, remained in the past century. At present, these methods are successfully combined with new ways of contaminating the employee with the labour stream. So how do you get the staff to be bored? We have an answer to this question and successful examples from practice.

Deviate from standard benths

The analyst of the Luxoft Personnel Requisitioning Agency, Alain Daragan, considers that intangible motivation as a tool to increase staff loyalty in recent years is gradually beyond traditional methods of promotion - literacy, diplomas, medals or additional days of leave - and is becoming more important than the motivation of the material.

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