Adaptation Of Staff In The Organization Of The Course Project

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At present, the problem of labour resources is a well-known fact. The extent to which the enterprise, the organization, cares for its staff depends on its functional development. Human capital is one of the main characteristics of the enterprise ' s work, the extent to which a staff member works effectively depends on the well-being of the business.

Main among them:

The author discusses a subject of diploma from all sides, and the author discusses theoretical approaches to staff management, role, concepts, processes, methods, functions and principles of staff management.

The second part of the Office ' s degree work by the enterprise, organization, industry contains the practical characteristics of the organization, its main activities, the principles and working methods of the staff. A qualitative and quantitative analysis of staff performance is provided, key features are considered, etc.

The third part of the degree work of the Office of the Organization, Enterprise, Industry contains improvements and improvements staffrecommendations, the effectiveness of an activity shall be calculated.

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