Adapting Staff To Working Conditions

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The work adaptation of the staff is a process of familiarizing the worker with new working conditions, aclimaticizing him or her in a collective manner and familiarizing himself with the regulations and standards of work in the enterprise.

Main tasks

There are few ways to adapt new employees to the company. But they are united by one main objective, which is to help a person to start his or her professional duties as quickly as possible with maximum impact. An efficient enterprise adaptation system addresses a number of key challenges:

  • Introduce the worker as soon as possible;
  • Reduce the number of work mistakes made by a newcomer during his professional life;
  • To encourage new workers to achieve high labour indicators by motivating them through monetary rewards or bonuses;
  • Improve the productivity of the enterprise as a whole.

Types of workers

Depending on focus, these types of adaptation differ:

Professional adaptation

This type is intended to help the worker understand and learn about the professional characteristics of his/her activities in the enterprise. A man must be aware of whether he has the real knowledge and experience to carry out his work or that further development will be required.

This adaptation identifies two areas: primary and secondary.

  1. Primary adaptation is necessary to adapt young non-experienced workers who have only completed higher education institutions to their professional duties.
  2. Secondary adaptation is intended for staff with experience but changed their place of work or their role in the organization, such as career advancement or assignment.

Psychophysical adaptation

As a result, the worker is used to new conditions of work and rest, as well as psychological and physical pressures. Upon admission to a new location, the staff member is affected by all the conditions in combination, which have a different impact. This may include sanitary conditions of production, stress and social pressure, uniformity of the work process, comfort of the workplace and many others.

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