Staff Modifications To Meaningful Theories

It is that the staff of the organization perform their work in accordance with their delegated rights and obligations and in accordance with management decisions.

In general terms, motivation is a process of encouraging itself and others to work towards certain goals.

Containing theories are based on definition of internal inducementswhich force people to act in a certain way. According to the Muslowall human needs can be divided into five groups:

  • physiological needs are necessary for survival;
  • Need for security and confidence in the future;
  • Social needs - the need for involvement in a human community, a group of people;
  • Need for respect, recognition;
  • the need for self-expression.

On the basis of strict hierarchical structure requirements, Maslow indicated that the needs of low levels (physical and security needs) required priority. Before the need for the next level becomes the most powerful determinant of human behaviour, the need for a lower level (not necessarily entirely) must be met. The manager needs to monitor the subordinates in order to determine what active needs they are taking.

Yes. McCleland identified three needs:

  • The need for power is a desire to influence other people. Those who have the highest power and lack the propensity of adventure or tyranny " should be prepared for senior management positions;
  • The need for success. Not the proclamation of a person ' s success, but the process of bringing work to a successful conclusion;
  • The need for involvement. It means people are interested in a company of familiars, friendly relations, assistance... ♪

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