Incentives For Workers In Enterprises

Box A. A. Stimulation of enterprise personnel to work through property [Text] / Actuarial issues of economic science: materials of internar. science cone (Ms. Ufa, October 2011). Leto, 2011. . C. 116-117.

The relevant reform of the economic system in Russia, based on the development of market relations, is accompanied by problems of staff-employee relations. The sub-strate of the owner ' s (employee) capital is the result of the enterprise ' s activities, and the increase directly depends on the increase in productivity. In this regard, managers of enterprises are questioning " Effective ways to increase productivity through incentives " (see " Interlinkages of categories " ). One such decision is that of " ownership " , namely, " direct incentives for business personnel to conduct high-profile activities through property " [1].

Interaction of categories

The absence of a widespread use of property as an incentive in management does not allow for full consideration of this method. " Theoretical voids " , created by the divergence of scientific and public materials, needs to be filled with interdisciplinary studies in the category of " ownership " , in a conjunctive analysis of the categories " stimulation " .Staff incentivesand “activities”High-profile activities)

In fact, the central feature of the productivity process is as such the relationship between the worker and the employer with respect to property. These dualistic links are at first glance multidimensional. In a study on " Stimulation of human beings to high-produced activities through property " [1], the author conducted a primary economic and legal analysis, which resulted in an appropriate presentation of the issue, the determinant of which is " ownership " .

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