Staff Selection And Adaptation

In this note, I'll be heard at the presentation that I visited on February 5.

Company structure

The company is divided into three main functions:

  • Commercial function;
  • Production and Logistics;
  • Support function.

Commercial functions are all sales, mostly by number of personnel, of course trade representatives.

Production and Logistics. In fact, only 200 people work in Moscow. Logistics are much bigger.

Support function is typical service units - IT, Finances with Bukhgaltery, HR, Acho and others.

Selection stages

Recruitment includes the following phases

  • Seeking candidates using various resources;
  • Telephone interview;
  • Personal meeting with the candidate;
  • Meeting final candidates with hiring manager.

Productive staff selection specifications

Selection phases for production:

  1. Placements of open advertisements in the press (this category of staff does not actively use the Internet to search for work).
  2. Filling out a candidate's office application.
  3. Interview with specialist Staff selection
  4. Final interview with the future manager. Excursion to the factory.

Процесс Адаптации

Specialist for the selection of trade representatives

The recruitment for the post of Trade Representative consists of the following phases:

  1. Information posted on one of the Internet resources (Rabot websites, Company Corporation website).
  2. Interview with a staff selection team specialist.
  3. Testing.Первые три месяца в компании Mathematical abilities are checked (not any candidate can count without a calculator), client orientation, Career Preference Survey (Chief).
  4. Final real market interview with the head of the group of trade representatives. The candidate for this position is sent on 1 day with the trade representative working and then reporting to the prospective manager.

Office selection specifications

Office staff are sufficiently standardized

Adaptation process

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