Status Of Staff Selection And Adaptation

Семинар по управлению персоналом Красновой Н.В. «Подбор персонала: пошаговая технология закрытия вакансий»PROGRAMME

  • Image of the company as an employer
  • The employer ' s brand strategy: development, structure. Main risk factors for HR brand. What she wants to know about the external labour market about the company (from open sources). The characteristics of the company as a attractive employer. Criteria for assessing the company ' s reputation as an attractive employer. Channels to disseminate negative information about the company. Sources of company information are a potential employer. Employee attractiveness factors
  • Staff search: standards and methods
  • Methods of finding staff in the labour market. Methods for selecting individual categories of staff: recruitment (mass recruitment), headhunting, executive search. Internet work. Establishment of vacancy announcements
  • Rerouting standards: selection of sources of requisition (comparison analysis, pros and minus); statistics as a tool for comparative assessment of the sources of selection. Process management staff selection and adaptation♪ Model structure of the Staff Selection, Selection and Adaptation Regulations
  • Recruitment in regional labour markets: specificities of regional candidate search technologies; transfer of technologies for recruitment to regional staff; selection characteristics in problematic regions
  • Interview and testing of candidates
  • They're doing interviews. Types and structure of interviews. The job interview tech. Types of questions used in interviews. Key issues development tools. Possible errors in interviewing. Competence-expression interview. Testing: Types of tests, design and non-project methodologies
  • Additional tools for evaluating candidates in selection. Company candidate information
  • Performance evaluation of staff selection (quality and intensity of selection, client satisfaction). Performance evaluation of the selection of financial indicators
  • Responses to questions, practical recommendations
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