Activity And Types Of Staff Orientation And Adaptation

Этапы аутплейсмента в западных организацияхAs a result of the study of this chapter, a student must:

know what to know.

:: Maintenance of the marketing concept of management and its application in staff management;

:: Personnel management technologies (recruitment, selection, reception and placement of staff, socialization, guidance and work adaptation of staff, staff organization, staff release);

To learn

• Assess the risks, social and economic effectiveness of decisions taken in staff management;

Participate in the development of organizational change programmes on staff management issues and assess their effectiveness;

:: Methods for developing and implementing marketing programmes in staff management;

• Modern staff management technologies.

Outlook: concept, functions, types

The modern market economy is characterized by both recovery and crisis. However, in both the first and the second cases there is a merging and absorption of each other 's organizations, the closure of enterprises, which implies the dismissal of staff. The way in which this procedure is organized and conducted depends on the subsequent employment of the released workers, the positive image of the employer organization, the state of the labour market in the region. There are different ways to do this. However, according to labour law, the employer pre-empts the worker 's forthcoming dismissal, pays him compensation, joins the employment promotion service. The Federal Labour and Employment Service provides for the following measures to reduce tensions in the labour market: advance vocational training for workers at risk of dismissal; public works and temporary employment for unemployed and job-seekers at risk of dismissal; promotion of self-employment; targeted support for citizens to move to other locations to replace vacancies. ♪

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