Staff Motivation Evaluation

Оценка управленческих компетенцийIn managing the team, managers are more involved in the status and fascinating management function than in the quality of management services provided.

However, the head is responsible for the proper implementation of management. Even if there is a strong leader in the organization who will inspire the collective, show the target and challenge, without effective processes, it is pointless to expect a good result.

Will management skills be tested?

In order to become a great manager, there is a need for a large range of skills, ranging from planning, delegation to communication and motivation. It is sufficient to use some of the elements from this list and this will already yield some results. But if the goals of more global, ambitions do not allow small ones, it is necessary to develop themselves in all spheres of human leadership.

Before any development begins, it is important to understand transparently the level of ownership of each relevant competence in the management of competence. Such an approach would make it possible to hit precisely the target by saving time to deal with the illusions and images of the intended result. The following test will help to assess their strengths and weaknesses, thereby maximizing the first profit and managing the second.

Test Instruction

The test contains 20 allegations. For each of them, the answer points are the most appropriate reality. When passing the test, it is important to describe the actual situation, not the one in which it would be desirable and which is considered correct. At the end of the test, it is necessary to cumulate the scores.

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