Evaluation Of Staff Adaptation

The evaluation of performance, which is important for staff development, involves the monitoring and evaluation phases, the recording of evaluation and feedback from staff. Having drawn conclusions on the work of the subordinates, experienced managers have noted positive developments and pointed to shortcomings. Staff members may use this information to adjust their activities.

The evaluation of results may also include the remuneration of people who have achieved high results, in cash, in recognition or in other forms. However, it is considered that the close linkage of the evaluation of results to remuneration may have undesirable consequences. Evaluation procedures need to be a continuous process and not repeated annually to demonstrate growth.

In general, human resources managers focus on two aspects in order to increase the positive impact of labour evaluation on the organization ' s activities. First, they seek to ensure that staff performance is as accurate and objective as possible. This is achieved through the establishment and application of evaluative systems such as rating scales. Second, they teach managers to conduct evaluation interviews that allow feedback to build good results and stimulate staff development.

Accuracy of the evaluation

To achieve accuracy and objectivity, managers need to remember that the staff member ' s work has different characteristics and should therefore be assessed on several parameters. For example, a sports telecomer may have extensive information on players, teams, game rules, which allows it to explain to audiences the controversial moments of the game and to familiarize them with the context of the match. But the same commentator may not have the skills of communication by giving interesting information monotonously or interrupting his colleagues during the report.

In order to ensure objectivity, the assessment should be based on the most important characteristics. Multidimensional evaluation improves the effectiveness of evaluation procedures and stimulates growth and growth staff development

One of the modern methods of evaluation is 360° - feedback, which is established by involving many experts, including the staff member ' s self-assessment, to enable him to see his strengths and weaknesses and to identify development paths.

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