Economic Efficiency Of Staff Motivation

Kaleivah O. M., Lugova N. V., Dergunova M. I., Gorov M. S. Factors affecting the economic performance of the enterprise [Text]/Innovative Economy: materials of the internar. science con. (Ms. Kazan, October 2014). - Casan: Buk, 2014. . C. 93-96.

The concept, characteristics and classification of factors that have a direct impact on the performance of the enterprise are examined.

Keywords: factor, economic efficiency, classification of efficiency factors.

The technical and organizational level of production is at the core of most of the economic performance of the company. The technical and organizational levels of production include indicators such as: the quality of the technology used, the quality of the product, the technical armament of the work, the progressiveness of technological processes, the degree of concentration, the degree of combination and cooperation, the rhythm of production, the length of the production cycle, the level of production management.

The technical side of production, as such, is not the subject of economic analysis, but these indicators are studied in close relationships and interaction with production organization and technology.

All business processes and phenomena are closely interlinked, conditional and interdependency, either directly linked or indirectly. For example, gross output is directly affected by the number and productivity of staff, while other factors have an indirect impact on the indicator.

Each commercial activity may be considered as a cause and as a consequence.

Each of the performance indicators of the commercial organization depends on many different factors, if the impact of factors on the economic indicator is examined in detail, the most accurate result will be the analysis and evaluation of the quality of the enterprise ' s activities. Consequently, one of the most important methodological issues in the analysis of economic activities is the study and measurement of the impact of different types of factors on the importance of the economic indicators examined. Without a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of the factors, it is not possible to arrive at a well-founded conclusion on performance, there is no identification of the reserves of production and also justification for management decisions.

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