Normative Framework For Career Management And Staff Motivation

Vice-Chairman: Professor of Science, candidate of political science,

Тихенький Владимир Георгиевич

Graduated in 1994 by M.V. Lomonosov, Faculty of Philosophy, in the field of political and social affairs. In 1998, he defended a candidate ' s dissertation on the theme " Effective political leadership in modern Russia " .

Participant of the International Scientific and Practical Conference on " Experiences and National Practices in Human Resources Management " and member of the editorial team of the 3rd editions of a single compendium of scientific materials (organized by B.P. Pugachev).

Educational activities

Specialised in the field of staff management teaching. Responsible for the teaching of various courses at the four MOU faculties. The Department of Public Administration conducts courses on " Staff management " , " Personnel management history " , " modern staff management technologies " , " Delivery career " . At the Faculty of Sciences, the University of M & C is a course entitled " Bachelor ' s careers " , at the Faculty of Philosophy, the " Staff Management " for Specialists, the Faculty of Pedagogical Education, " Staff management and organizational behaviour " for the master ' s office (the main students are Chinese citizens).


  • Staff management;
  • Rural Career;
  • Modern staff management technologies;
  • Personnel management history.

Scope of interest

  • Modification of staff;
  • Career management;
  • Search and selection of staff;
  • Anti-crisis personnel management;
  • Management of leadership in the organization.


Participation in conferences:

  • 2015 - XIII International Conference " Public Administration: Russian Federation in the Today ' s World "
  • 2015 - XVI International Conference on Management Thinking History
  • 2014 - XII International Conference on Public Administration: Russian Federation in the Today ' s World (MGF)
  • 2014-XV International Conference on Management Thinking History (Economic Faculty of the IGU)

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