Staff Motivation System

SPB: Peter, 2009. - 240 s.

The proposed publication presents a closed and open pay system based on the example of two contingent enterprises producing work and services (including intellectual) and producing products. Reimbursement systems have been developed for various categories of personnel in the main structural units of enterprises (management, departments, divisions, production, commercial, technical, transport, administrative services, offices, brigades, etc.).

The focus is on the process of developing a guidance document, " Status of pay and incentives for workers " , which formalizes the proposed pay systems and has the status of an internal law.
Two universal versions of the Employees ' Pay and Promotion Regulations, which can be used without further processing or as a basis for modifications that take into account the characteristics of any enterprise with its specific organizational structures, have been considered. Each of the proposed pay systems may be used to calculate the remuneration of employees of other units other than those on which it is presented.

Submitted by Methods of development and obligatory sections in the structure of the Regulation, its requirements. Examples of documents required to calculate the wages of employees of each structural unit of the enterprise, including the KPI for different units, are given.

The book is intended for business managers, managers and employees of financial, economic services, staff services, private entrepreneurs, other persons interested in effective motivation and adequate remuneration for workers.

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Introduction. How to organize wages to encourage workers to work with maximum impact 5
Part 1. Work and service manufacturers. (Open pay system) 11
Part 2. Product production and marketing. (Open pay system) 70
Annex 201

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