Training Of Staff As A Method Of Motivation

Методы мотивации сотрудниковThe dream of any leader is the ideal subordinate and coherent work of the collective. How to ensure that each staff member pays 100 per cent of how to influence attitudes towards the work process and how to create a sense of responsibility even for the smallest work done? The answer to these and many other questions lies first and foremost in the leadership 's ability to manage trustworthy and to find a separate approach to each.


Building " is one of the methods of subconscious human exposure, the correct use of which gives rise to respect in the interviewer and the desire to take an example of the speaker. This method is based on the psychological characteristics of human behaviour, which is linked to unconsciousness.
How does it work? Method of motivation of staff What is it? In this case, the term “building” is synonymous with the words “respect”, “reference”. Communicating with subordinates of any rank should always be respected, with honor. The worker must feel its value in the work process and in the collective as a whole. It is imperative that the Peace of the Councils emphasize, from time to time, the merit and achievements of staff, both in person and in other staff.
If you hold a new candidate, you must demonstrate respect and respect among all staff of the team and management. The voluntary and warm attitude towards a new or future staff member gives him the desire to remain in this team as far as possible.
It's not necessary to make staff hypocritical so that they can show some kind of courtesy and friendship. The " building " method is based on the individual 's distinct role. For your subordinates to do what you want, you should be the first example for them. If it's necessary for everyone to have smiles, if we have to eliminate the rudeness and intolerance of the collective, be polite and do not explode at all times. Remember: what appears in practice rather than what sounds like an order.
Атмосфера и настроения в коллективе – это немаловажный фактор, влияющий на продуктивность и результаты работы Обучение сотрудников является не только методом повышения эффективности работы компании и улучшения ее финансовых показателей, а и мощным мотиватором для каждого сотрудника Осознавая тот факт, что результаты труда не останутся не замеченными, у сотрудника есть стимул работать старательно, выполнять свои обязанности качественно и оперативно и проявлять максимальную активность Наличие хотя бы минимальных социальных льгот для сотрудников, вызывает у них огромное доверие к компании и дает уверенность в будущем, а соответственно мотивирует к добросовестному труду

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