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♪ Why did you leave the company?
♪ I've reached the ceiling, there's nowhere else to grow, there's no prospect.
Know? If they leave you for the same reason, look at Deloitte's experience, she's built an interesting career model, a corporate bar that helps keep staff and a company for good.

Traditional careers are always a ladder. If you want to succeed, get up. You want to slow down, take a pause, come down. There is no other way in the stairs. And what's going on, success is a move up? The answer seems obvious. No! Career staircases can be connected as bricks in Lego child design, as in the figure below. And voila, you'll get a new career model, a corporate barrel (corporate lattice), i.e. a career staircase network.

This model was first used in 2005 by the international consulting company Deloitte as an alternative to flexible working arrangements. Kathleen Benko, Vice-President and Director-General Deloitte, became the model inspiration and main developer. The model was so successful that the company started recommending it and its clients.

Principal benefits for staff:

  • Allows for the establishment of a level of responsibility that is consistent with the current needs of staff, i.e. helps to achieve a balance of work and personal life.

For example, a staff member who needs to " turn back " (reduce the intensity of work) to take care of elderly parents, children, etc., or to deal with other cases (in his/her own business, hobby, etc.) may move to a lower responsibility position. Later, if desired and possible, he may return to his original position or assume another with a high level of responsibility. So he won't ruin his career. At the same time, the place and time of performance of the staff member determines the staff member ' s own (temporary technology permitting). This is an ideal option for working women with small children and generation Y.

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