Scale Analysis Of The Motivation Of Polyclinics

The business plan for the opening of the clinical company is sufficiently firm to show all the organizational and operational elements necessary to create from zero the business of the provision of fee-for-service cleaning of premises and territories. In order to obtain a complete picture of micro-media, we will consider the threats (some of which are included in the business plan) and the advantages of the enterprise in the city, which has a population of 380,000.

The organizational documents are as follows:

What: Clining company providing cleaning services to legal and natural persons. The company ' s ownership form is GS, the services that are included in the inventory (the business plan does not exist but can be selected from the text):

  • General cleaning in ranking from type of premises (house, cottage, house);
  • Cleaning of carpets, furniture;
  • Provision of integrated services to legal persons;
  • cleaning of public premises (trade and recreation centres, cinemas, educational institutions);
  • cleaning of industrial and productive territories;
  • clean-up of open areas (cover markets, vehicles, etc.)

Where: city N with a population of 390,000 (total);

Who: The potential clients of the business plan identified several groups in income ranking.

Private clients:

  • 10,000 roubles/persons;
  • 30,000 roubles/persons;

Corporate clients:

  • Business offices;
  • Public institutions;
  • Catering and educational establishments;
  • Industrial, manufacturing and warehouse complexes.

The key interest in products that provide the necessary level of sales is time savings, sanitation and hygiene in personal or collective use.

Organizational risks

When considering the business plan as a field for analysts of business opportunities and threats in general, more detailed information should be given to the organizational aspects that are clearly inconsistent in planning:

Internal human potential (personal).

It is clear that the planned sales (up to 45 businesses and 150 private clients) of the 12-person community will not be sufficient.

Even in the initial deployment of two brigades, there is insufficient human resources operating and reserve. For example, even for the first time, non-stop treatment will not be possible without weekends and at night in the business plan: " The clinical company will work daily. Treatment of natural persons from 9:00 to 21:00. With legal persons, the regime of work under contracted contracts (clockwork).”

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