Analysis Of Motivation Of Staff Of The Organization

анализ мотивации персоналаStaff motivation analysis

Effective job motivation solutions cannot be developed without detailed analysis. The identification of objectives and objectives that take into account the specific characteristics of the organization (area of activity, staff status, professional specialization) and the choice of methods of study that will ensure that the required information is obtained, provide the necessary basis for the analysis of the motivational system. The next step in the study would be to assess the consistency of the existing motivation system with the principles of effective staff management.
Objectives, objectives and methods of study
A study of the motivation system is conducted to determine the extent to which motivational activities contribute to the effectiveness of the enterprise.
Objectives of the study of the existing motivation system:

- An analysis of staff performance and performance;
- analysis of staff satisfaction;
- Analysis of enterprise motivation.
The main methods of study of the motivation system are:

- an analysis of the problems of the organization;
- Analysis of documents;
- Analysis of external factors;
- Sociological survey;
- surveillance.
The analysis of the organization ' s problems is first to gather information on business plans and current productivity, staff movements, and secondly, to assess the impact of these indicators on corporate results.

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