Adaptation As A Subsystem Of The Enterprise Personnel Management System

Personnel management system

Персонал организации

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Staff management system - a system in which all staff management functions are performed:

♪ General and line management subsystem, which manages the organization as a whole, manages individual functional and production units,
♪ Planning and marketing subsystem that implements human resources policy development, staff management strategy, workforce analysis, labour market analysis, workforce planning and forecasting of staff needs, advertising,
♪ Staff selection and accounting management subsystem. Provides staff selection, interviews, evaluation, selection, accounting, movement, promotion and release of staff, professional guidance on staff management, employment management, staff management, office management,
♪ Subsystem labour administration relationship. Analyses and regulates group and personal relationships, management relations, management of productive conflicts and stress, social psychological diagnosis, ethical standards of relationships, management of trade unions,
♪ Subsystem of normal working conditions. Executs functions such as compliance with the requirements of psychophysiology and labour ergonomics, compliance with technical aesthetic requirements, labour protection, military protection of the organization and individual officials,
♪ Staff development management subsystem. Conducts training, retraining and refresher training, adaptation of new workers, evaluation of candidates for vacant posts, ongoing periodic evaluation of staff, rationalization and invention, business careers and career development,

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