Professional Development Of Staff

Ayupov R. G. Development of professional competence as a factor to increase staff mobility [Text]/ Actuarial issues of economic science: materials II of the internar. - Ufa: Summer, 2013. . C. 85-87.

Key words: staff, motivation, professional competence, development of professional competence.

More recently, the organization ' s motivational theories, specific methods and principles for stimulating workers, revitalizing their activities and increasing labour efficiency are a priority. Here, the motivational aspect plays a significant role, as the willingness and desire of a person to work are a key factor in the success of any organization. The ways in which staff have a focused and reasonable impact through an understanding of their motivations and the development of a creative initiative are now one of the most challenging tasks in the organization. Increasingly, there is a strong motivation model that improves performance, productivity and quality of work.

In the Russian organizations, there has been a significant increase in the interest in the professional competence of staff on the basis of the personal and logistical aspect of management, which helps the organization ' s executives to enlighten their functional responsibilities effectively towards the achievement of operational, tactical and strategic objectives. It is difficult for management to develop skills to encourage subordinates without knowledge of modern, global approaches, concepts, practical ways and means of motivating people. It may therefore be assumed that the process of development and improvement of professional competence will improve the motivational environment of the organization.

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