Types Of Intangible Motivation Of Staff

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Any staff member may burn down at work. A wide range of tasks, high intensity, a tense situation in the collective and elementary indulgence and fatigue. Employed and overburdened staff at any time are at risk of falling. How can intangible motivation of staff help? Look at the examples.


Types of intangible motivation of staff

You can't underestimate motivation and human attitude. During the crisis and total unemployment, such techniques are used fairly effectively. That is why there is a recurrence of honorary boards, literacy, thank-you letters that encourage staff to work and form the system intangible motivation of staff

Some companies go through the strengthening of the command spirit and conduct natural visits, holiday corporations, cinema, billiard and café.

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Companies with a well-established personnel management system are actively using and psychologically affecting human needs. For example, the manager notes that his subordinate is a competent professional who likes to meet new and interesting challenges. As such a staff member is more motivated, he has a higher chance of being promoted than a more experienced but not a motivated staff member.

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Some staff need recognition. For them, the ranks of " best work for the month, best performance " and the award of literates, satellites, supplements to the fitness club, office supplies, etc.

Non-standard staff incentive

British American Tobbaco Ukraine has developed its staff motivation approach. In accordance with the new approach, financial rewards are granted for the exclusive contribution or achievement of a result exceeding the official duties.

Intangible motivation is provided for work or initiative, loyalty, etc. A variety of options could be used as intangible remuneration: restaurant dinner, shop certificates, limo walks, massage. The motivation of each staff member in one way or another relates to his professional development and career development. The development needs of each staff member are determined and proposals for professional and personal growth are being developed.

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