Basic Staff Motivation Approaches

Модель реализации комплексной системы стимулирования и мотивацииA systematic approach to developing a staff motivation system involves analysing and structuring the problems of an organization that can be addressed through the full and effective use of intellectual capital. The human capital of the organization is known to be the most important component of intellectual capital, including the skills, skills and competencies of staff who can be used to improve the efficiency of business processes. The role of the system is increasing in this regard staff motivation and incentives the organization as one of the main management tools of the organization.

An analysis of modern literary sources shows that staff incentive measures refer to some unified activities that do not take into account, to a large extent, the individual characteristics of the organization, and motivations to individual grade-specific tools. At times, differentiation of motivational tools suggests that even individual staff may be affected, thereby enabling them to fully develop and realize their human potential for the organization. In order to highlight the application of the motivational system, it must be taken into account that motivational activities carried out in Russian organizations differed significantly from abroad. Some of these differences are: first, in the production activities of Russian enterprises, only one motivational model of " knuckle and buckle " has been used for a long time and has not lost relevance today.

Second, the Russian Federation ' s motivation models are standardized, their deviation is considered to be a violation of the relevant legislation, so senior managers strictly observe certain principles (temporary, unit-specific pay systems, bonus systems).

Thirdly, the broad dissemination of incentives to all workers equally, regardless of their contributions. The contribution to the work is often not objective, resulting in workers ' uninterest.

Fourth, to date, only a small number of organizations have used moral incentives, limited to material ones. It is worth noting that many managers do not understand the difference between the concepts of “motive” and “stimulus”, “motivation” and “stimulation”.

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