Characteristic Of The Staff Adaptation System Of A Particular Organization

Staff are one of the most complex management facilities in the organization, as unlike material factors of production, staff have the capacity to make decisions and critically assess their requirements. Staff also have subjective interests and are extremely sensitive to management impacts that are not identified.

The staff management system is a combination of techniques, methods, staff management technologies.

There are different models for building a staff management system in the organization. The application of a model to a particular organization depends on its organizational structure. The organizational structure defines the relationship (reciprocity) between the functions performed by the staff of the organization, as well as the division of labour, the establishment of specialized units, the hierarchy of posts, etc.

The organizational structure of the staff management system is a combination of interlinked units of the system and officials.

Units perform different functions, the combination of them is (staffing). The role and location of the staff management service throughout the organization is determined by the role and location of each specialized unit of the service, as well as the organizational status of its direct supervisor.

Personnel management entities

The features of the development of the staff management system, its role in the organizational system determine the characteristics of its main factors: object and entity, objectives of the system, its functions and structure.

Personnel management units:

  • Workers;
  • Working groups;
  • A working group.

Personnel management entities:

There are several approaches to the formulation of a staff management system, all depending on the aspect of the phenomenon.

Generally, organizations dedicated to staff management functions include a subsystem of line management of the organization, as well as a number of functional staff management subsystems (e.g. subsystem of recruitment, subsystem of learning and development, etc.).

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