Improved Motivation Of Personnel In The Enterprise

E. A. Improvement of the intangible stimulus system for the NHF-4 railway enterprise (districts of civilian structures) // young scholar. ом 2015. ом No.10. . C. 530-534.

To date, many workers see work as necessary, as a necessary means of survival in a rapidly changing environment, and do not seek self-reliance and self-reliance on their own enterprise. This is because staff do not see the outcome of their work and do not enjoy the work done. This is the result of the low level of staff incentive and lack of competence in the management of the organization. In doing so, most employers approach the issue on a one-sided basis, considering that only material rewards are sufficient to increase productivity. However, it is known that many factors influence the work of a person, and far from every material side is decisive. Each has its motivations and incentives that must be taken into account when working with staff. The pyramid A. Maslow, an American psychologist, which demonstrates the hierarchy of needs and the highest value, has such needs as competence, success, recognition, fulfilment of its objectives and abilities. It is therefore not correct to consider the material component of the personnel in question. Regrettably, intangible stimulus is not given special importance, and many employers neglect it, which has negative consequences and problems. This issue is not a subject of scientific innovation and has been studied many decades ago by various theories and practices. It is, however, attractive that the problem is relevant in the example of the study.

The following objectives have been identified to achieve the objective:

(1) Study the theoretical framework on this topic;

(2) See the existing system of intangible incentives for NHF-4;

(3) Develop a guidance sheet (the list of activities to improve the intangible stimulus system).

The promotion of labour is " the aim of the organization through moral and material means to encourage workers to work, to intensify them, to improve productivity and the quality of work in order to achieve the aims of the organization " . In the context of the topic under consideration, we are interested in the intangible stimulus, considering its main types.

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